My son is really into bugs and science so most holidays he gets some sort of science related kit in which hatching or growing something is involved. Last year was Sea Monkeys or Tripods as they are called and we were successful with that adventure. I have to admit they where pretty cool to watch grow but naturally they did not live to long.

This year for Christmas one of his Aunts gave him a Preying Mantis kit. All it consists of is a big plastic block/container with a zipper on the top and some instructions for sending away for the little guys who live inside this thing. I ordered a pack a few weeks ago and the other day it came in the mail with a big sign that said " Live animals". When we opened it up there was this cool cocoon looking thing and the instructions said that it would hatch in 4 to 10 days so we have been waiting!

Today when we got home from camp Quaid announced that the mantis babies had hatched but not only in there plastic-bubble-Mantis-habitat but also all over his room! As the frenzy to catch all these mantis babies unfolded a little 5 year old voice spoke up and said she had opened the bubble " alittle bit" to touch the shell. Needless to say we spent the afternoon catching 100's of Mantis babies and I'm sure we will be growing a whole colony in our home in the next few weeks. Boy the cats are going to love this!


tsbroome said...

The worst school project Wesley ever had was a bug project. The assignment was to collect as many dead bugs as possible and label them. There was even instructions on how to put a cotton ball soaked in fingernail polish remover in a jar with the live bugs to kill them. We glued a cricket to the board after the mercy killing and the next day it came back to life while still glued to the board,there was that poor cricket kicking away on the poster board during Wesley' presentation!

Ron said...

The release of the mantis... not the cricket story.


I know you aren't going to to see it this way yet...but that is hysterical... we are STILL raising seamonkeys... tripods were last year...

My friend who has ALS, her 4 boys(the 2 older ones 11 1nd 13) have multiple NON-furry pets... the best was "Murray" the snake who "got away" almost 1 year ago... we are all waiting for him to resurface (a GIANT VERSION with hands and feet perhaps) to duke it out with "Murray II"... nightmare.

Jen Mecca said...

Ok..there will be NO snakes in the my house. Bugs I don't mind because they have legs.

When all the Preying Mantis get bigger and we start seeing them around the house maybe we can make one of those horror flicks with Quaid's playmobil guys!
( I would be the coolest mom on the block!)