Ant Farms and displays

( You ask what the two have in common...well I'll see if I can bring it around full circle with some sort of conclusion...like a sermon that makes no sense but somehow the man at the pulpit ties it together.)

Quaid had his surgery yesterday and went through it like a big boy. On the way to the hospital he drew all these pictures of the doctor standing over him with a chain saw and spiked teeth. What a little mind can come up with . He instructed me that I was suppose to tell the doctor that he would ONLY have his tonsils out that day, nothing else. Anyways, he did have a host of stuff done to his little head and he did pretty well in recovery and now is eating sherbert like its going out of style. ( Today I did manage to get some real food in him but it was hard). He's on a good bit of codeine so he's walking around like my 96 yr. old grandmother and his sisters are still creating havoc around him. Here's a photo of his ant farm. These ants never sleep or stop and I don't really see any pattern to there tunnel digging or mound making. Ahhhhhhhh...here's where my pottery talk starts.

I went and put up my display for the Treasure's of the Earth show this Tuesday. I didn't get all my pots out of the kiln that day so I had to go back yesterday with another load and finish.( Of course I was in a rush getting there and putting everything out so it looked nice. ) After I went around and looked at everyone else's work and got back to my booth my eye's told me the truth about my pots at a quick glance. All the stuff I do to my pots makes my display look like a circus act! There is just to much going on with those pots. I've got springing, staining and now this shellacking( which I do like I have to admit). To many colors also. Just to much and I'm sick of looking at it all in a jumbled mess. Am I hard on myself or what? Really I'm being truthful I think and I've decided to limit my decoration. I don't think I'm going to do the staining anymore and I think I'm going to just keep to three glazes. Boy I can not wait till I am able to use the kiln on just a white clay body for some eye relief on my pots. ( ie. when I get my salt kiln going). I'm sorry I did not get any photo's of the new shellacked pots because some of the vases where really nice and subtle. Maybe I'm onto something with that. I did keep out some of the tumblers so I'll take a photo of them finished for my next entry.
Ok....displays and Ant Farms....so I work like an ant, just crazy going all the time but all my hard work sometimes does not make any sense when it all comes together. There, I did it! Maybe I should just go and get ordained and leave the potting to someone else.


Anonymous said...

i can relate to the business of decoration. my carvings are nothing if not busy, when place together, the effect is a little overwhelming. people often times get a little intimadated and confused. is it mayan,african, ancient greek? no, i say, just my regurgatation of the world. i often yearn to make simple wood fired pots. i know that that would only be temporay though, the maddness would eventually seep back in. i nevedr could leave the pots alone, always altering and adding. just me. i really like your work. iacn dig it. i look forward to seeing the tumblers. bye-jeff

Jen Mecca said...

IT's always so nice to know there are more people out there with the issue of "more, more, more" to there work, and they can not stop as well.

I wonder if people who can not seem to put anything on there pots stuggle as much as we do to keep it off?