Sunday, late

I really feel like getting off to bed but thought I should write a little before go. Plus I got on Joey's blog and saw that he finally did another entry after a very long time and thought I should not "let him down" with all my computer activity he spoke of. I think I am a bit addictive to the computer but some days it my only form of outlet to my adult friends so I always have to check my email. So, here I am!!

It was a good weekend. Yesterday kind of wore me out because I went to Seagrove to look at Dwight Holland kiln. My friend Julie went with me which was great for company. I've known Julie now for almost 13 years I think! We always joke that she is my Clay baby because when I was in grad school she was a freshman and we worked at a coffee shop together where I would sell my work. She got interested in what I did and finally took a pottery course...the rest is history. Anyways...we had a good trip catching up and talking pottery stuff. I think tomorrow I'll talk about my trip since its all about my kiln.

Back to the weekend....when I got home I played with the kids and than Joey and I got to have a movie date, which was a treat. He thinks its funny but I get a thrill whenever we can get to a movie together and agree on one. It reminds me of when we first dated because we use to go to the movies A LOT. We saw Casino Royal and we both really enjoyed it. Today I got to work in my studio almost all day which was greatly needed. Here are some photo's of my teapots drying. I did add some sprigs on two of them but thought a lot about there placement for once. I can tell the surface of these pieces are going to be very hard for me to come up with . I'm going to have to exercise a lot of control and thought. ( And yes, all this is good!)

No studio tomorrow. Quaid does not have school either, so I think I'll take the kids somewhere and then I'm off to my night class.


Judi Tavill said...

jen- no response to my entry/comment back on tuesday -where i droned on and on- but I am guessing quaid is fine as there have not been alot of entries about his recovery... I am atting that julia galloway workshop in manhattan thurs and fri- so it should be interesting- not hands on though... I'm sure inspirational... thing is... i do alot of carving for surface treatment- so we'll see how it all shakes out... is the kiln you are looking at an example of one you want to build or buy?

Ron said...

Those teapots look great, don't do ANYTHING to them! Ha. We should have a little game where you do nothing and I do A LOT. See where that goes.
Can't wait to hear more about the kiln.

Anonymous said...

those teapots look really good. I also like your cream and sugar further down the page. Ooh la la! One day I will get back into the studio.

Jen Mecca said...

Have a great time this week with Julia,she is amazeing to listen to.

Quaid is fine. WE have noticed a differance in his voice and hope his speech will improve slowly, thanks for asking.

I did read you last entry and wow I can relate to all you do...those sound like my days but I am envious of the snow boarding trip!Of course, most of the time I don't think I'd have time for a vacation.

Jen Mecca said...


Game on!!! I would proubly pass out and go mad if I had to leave my pots plain but maybe I should start my first salt work out that way!

Jen Mecca said...

I really wish you could come to NCECA, that would be so great. Remember when I brought Quaid with me and we slept in that apartment with no furniture? If only you knew than what your life would be like now.