I'm waiting on my mommy's helper to show up so I can go out and work in my studio. I had three days of teaching this week and of course two nights away from the studio really puts me behind more than I should be this month. I usually send out letters to my gallery's in January asking them if they need work and when I can put them on my calendar. I haven't done that because I'm a little scared of not being able to finish orders if I'm knee deep in trying to get this kiln built. The other side of me says "you fool" we need the money and it's dropping out of the sky. I guess I'm going to see how the shows go that I plan on doing and then just call up galleries when I have a ton of work left over. Not a very good business plan... a bit risky but it will have to do I guess.

Once again, it will be a quiet weekend planned here at the house. I'd like to take the kids up to the mountains and see what snow is left on the ground. Maybe if I get a lot done Friday night and Saturday, this would be a good Sunday adventure for us. Today is so nice out all I can think of is spring getting here and my plans to get my kids in snow will be gone.

Well, it looks like help has arrived so I'll be off.


Judi Tavill said...

Jen- I ahd a hard time sending you a comment yesterday- but this should work-
#1 I totally like those "chicks" too and on the treadmill a few days ago I was watching the video for one of those songs - pretty intense...don't even get me started on George W.... argh!
#2 Julia's workshop- ended up not really hands on... but she did have us bring in a piece... kind of crazy- not my favorite piece but i grabbed it because it was glazed-a teapot... ans ort of in the direction i was heading... only carving- no surface decorating- she wondered why I took the workshop- frankly-not sure what she thought...She is very intense about her concepts behind her pieces and hat goes into her decion making and i definately got a lot out of the workshop in my own way but i really remain compoletely confused as to what she thought about my work.... or where it's headed... but of course that was like the last thing we talked about and then I had to catch a boat to come home...so I'm left a bit confused!!!!

Jen Mecca said...

She is pretty intense and I think when she talking to people about there work,she forgets that she is not talking it a grad student, who she needs to ask challenging questions to. You have to remember that every has an opion and not everyone going to like your work. She told a friend of mine who just got back from doing the huge ACC show in Baltmore that she did'nt understand why she made pots? Go figure.....Atleast you I know you most likely learned alot at her workshop.

Jen Mecca said...

( So sorry , I'm super tired today and the comment had soooooooo many typo's in it!!!) And I've got to drive to charlotte to teach tonight. AHHHHHHHH