In the studio

I got my bisque loaded...atleast the first one. Thing are in my studio drying that I still want to put in next week show. It will be another fast drying process as always. I'm going to really have to change my way of doing things once I get back to a gas Kiln that is for sure!

Had some technical issues with my clay body. Nothing really new, the handles on my casseroles popped like crazy. I hate porcelain some times. I use to like this clay body but I know they changed it a few years ago and now it is hell to work with when you are adding handles. I know there must be some secret to keeping them from doing this but I have yet to find it. Very aggravating when you spend so much time on those pieces. I'm about ready to just give up on casseroles and move on, something is always going wrong with them. I did make some new cream and sugar trays that I like, we'll see how they look once the whole set is together. I am a little concerned that I made the foot to big but we'll see.

Off to bed!

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