Really trying to think

These are some sample pots from the workshop I did with Julia Galloway. There really was no rhyme or reason to either of these. The creamer was just trying her inlaid surface drawing and the sugar bowl was a new form for me. The clay body is not one that I use and the glaze I really hate( and yes , it is one of my colors). BUT.....these pots I have above my sink in the kitchen to look at everyday and think about; or remind myself of things I'm trying to change in my work. In fact the writing on the creamer was more like a diary entry when I was in the workshop. It talks about what I think I'm missing and what I want to say with my work. On the belly of the pots are two pea-pods just to remind myself that being a mom and being at home is always right in the for front of having a career in pottery.

Sunday I was able to throw some teapot forms and parts. Last night I taught so this morning I was able to visit with them again and make even more. I'm trying to get work made for my up coming group show at NCECA. I like to do some new stuff but if it doesn't work.....that's a risk, but if I'm not sold on what I was doing, do I really want to show it? Oh the thoughts that go around and around in my head days on end. I go to bed thinking of pots to make.

The photo's I took of my tumbler I really liked where all blurry so maybe if they didn't all sell in Shelby( which of course we hope they did!), I'll try to get another photo of them. The one's I put aside here in my studio got snatched up by my mom for some Valentine's gifts. At least there was one other person that appreciated them besides me. Of course my parents are my best fans!

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Judi Tavill said...

jen, jen, jen,jen,
whete to begin... 1st of all.. did quaid get tonsils adnoids and tubes??? acording to my husband... that would be about right for what you were describing... they have a slushy machine for the kids at his hospital... a big treat.... my best wishes to quaid... hang in there...
just got back from snow boarding in vermont for the kids' mini vacation.... very nice... SORE
as for the pots... i am constantly struggling on all of those issues... i never thought of the ant farm thing... more like a rat in a maze... if someone had a camera on me in the course of a typical day... wow- how weird i must look... make the beds kids off to school- check on the kiln... check on pieces drying- looking for cracks on flat pieces... trying to repair something that will never repair....shower? workout?... clean up studio... laundry started... throw... make handles.... lose a pot... gather clay to reclaim... try to focus....need a break....dr appt... throw more... more cracks... glaze ideas... kids from bus... a zillion kid activities(knitting in the car when waiting for pick ups)more laundry/ make dinner/ pay bills/ homework for boys... checking. helping.... check jen mecca's BLOG!!!! get kids showered, do dishes,
prep back packs, boys to bed... get the "emergency drink for my 6 yr old... throw... hang out with my husband/ throw....check jen's blog?
respond to emailszzzzzzzzzz....