Shut up and Sing

( This image came out to small..sorry for that, it a photo of The Dixie Chic's).
A few evening ago I watched the Grammy awards. I am a sucker for award shows because I like to know what is "hot" and what movie are out there that I have not seen. Also, I have to admit, I like the Glitz and Glare of Hollywood and the Music industry. Like most kids I wanted to be one of those people when I was little. (There...I admitted it.)

Anyways, on the show the other night the Dixie Chic's won a bunch of awards and I really liked the song they song on there as well. I do have one of there albums and I use to listen to it years ago. I can't say I'm a huge fan of them but I had remembered the remark Natalie made about The President and how much controversy it caused as well. So when they won all these awards and there was more talk about there political statements I thought I needed to watch the documentary"Shut Up and Sing, which I did Friday night. One thing I can say for sure is that I am so embarrassed to be living in the State of SC even more after seeing this film. Of course most of the clips of fans acting like total ignorant a------s( you put in the letters) where from Sc. Oh, Americans can be so rude and ignorant, its embarrassing. It was so interesting to see how the radio stations where so fueled by money and how these girls careers where just hushed up so fast but they managed to hold there ground and get back on top. It was a very interesting film and after seeing it just made me want to run out and get there new CD, not to mention the fact that if I where from Texas, I would be embarrassed that our president is from there also! I also loved Natalie the lead singing..she is chic I would like to hang out with.

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