I'm looking forward to another weekend as this day comes to a close. Tomorrow I'm going to Seagrove with my potter friend Julie to look at a kiln. I need to get some plans drawn up and think about really what size I want this kiln to be that I'm building. I'm going to meet an old friend of mine Blaine Avery and his wife who are both great potters/ceramic "people". Its always such a treat to visit with old friends and I enjoy going down to Seagrove to poke around studio's and such.

I did finish my teapots. I ended up making about 7 of various forms and shapes. I'm letting them dry super slowly because I just can not afford to lose anything this next firing. I also started throwing parts to some triple flower vases that I made for a one person show I did last summer. I really liked how they came out so I thought I'd try them a little big bigger and see what happens. Some other pieces I'm going to try for the show are some flower blocks and maybe a pitcher with cups. I love to throw pitcher but I can't say they really fly off my shelves. I guess things like that you just have to take into stride-- Make stuff you want to make and a few that seem to keep you in business.

I had two mornings full of teaching this week. I made up a snow day today and really enjoyed teaching on a Friday morning. The studio was really busy with all sorts of folks and I kind of liked all the energy that was going on. At the end of class today it was nice to hear from my students that it was a good class and they thanked me for what I was teaching them. It always does the mind and spirit good to hear that the efforts you have made have paid off.

Check back for some photo's of my trip tomorrow!

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