We'll see how it looks!

Got my glaze kiln going about 8pm this evening. I have another one that needs to go as soon as I can cool this one down tomorrow. Tuesday I have to go set up for the show I'm doing in Shelby Nc. Its called TREASURES OF THE EARTH and it is held at the Cleveland County Arts Council. I like doing this show because you just set up your work in your own 10x10 space and it stays there for a month. People can come in and purchase something and than they pick it up when the show comes down mid March. The only thing the arts council asks from us is that we donate bowls for there fundraiser ( soup and a bowl). There's not much going on in the way of galleries buying work in February so this is a good way to make some money in the lean months.

Here are some new designs on tumblers that I'm going to try this time. Really they are not new for me. I did this sort of brush work in grad school when I had to focus on something. My theme was art nouvou and these little flower shapes are inspired from that. I've been thinking a lot about what Julia said to me about needed something for my work to say. That of course puzzles me but it feels kind of good to go back to these images that please me and make me smile when I see them on surfaces. Here I'm also using a different application of my stain, one i did back in school as well only with wax. Julia reintroduced this whipping away of clay from a brush mark using shellac and I find this way to be a lot faster in dry time. I'll see if I can get a photo of them when they come out of the glaze kiln.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Crazy week for us because Quaid has his surgery. By the way, for my friend with the Ear, nose and throat husband, the doctors name who is doing Quaid's surgery is Fredrick Levy in Gastonia NC. Wish us luck!

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Judi Tavill said...

well jen, I hope the surgery goes smoothly... asked my husband and he doesn't know the gentleman, however... he may be wonderful...let me know how post op is going(after the surg...)
I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming show... I did one this weekend...an "art" show and frankly, don't think it was the best venue for me... I did alright but the vibe just wasn't strong... I sold a couple of large pieces and some small things but ehhh not fab...However... I liked what I showed and I continue to stand behind it soo... we shall see...The 10 by 4 space (3x 8 table) didn't cost alot for 1 evening and 2 full days but the traffic was lacking...do you have a major set up for shows? a structure of sorts??? My best sale has still been out of my studio in november.
Any opinions? I just ordered Sunshine Artist magazine to check out some show ratings... However...
not sure how important it is???