Heart Day

This is how we enjoyed our Valentine's dinner yesterday. This is McKenna, she decided to come to the table in her "Rat" mask. She sat down and said she was a nice Rat, not a mean one like Templeton in Charlotte's web. I told her, "ok, well then I guess you can come eat with us". Of course my kids had day of nothing but sugar thanks to school and other parents who give to much at parties. I guess I do allow the kids to have some candy in moderation but the big reason I don't like all the sugar in the house is because I eat it! I'm one of those mom's who'd rather spoil the fun and give each kid a card and a pencil or sticker. At the moment I'm eating a little bag of sweet-tarts!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the rat mask. I can not wait for Eli and me to each have one.

Jen Mecca said...

Well, the dollar store is a great place for stuff like that