Gene Pool

Today I took the girls over to the church parking lot so they could ride there little purple bikes. I was thinking while I was sitting on the curb at the beginning of our adventure how this moment will only come once in my life; the moment of watching them go round and round and seeing how they maneuver this object with wheels under there little feet. The most interesting thing about having girl twins for me is to figure out which one was like me when I was little. I guess most mom's who have only one girl does the same but only has that one to watch and wonder about. I am lucky to have two...just in case one does not show any signs of things I know I did and remember doing, maybe the other one will. The other crazy and wonderful thing about twins is seeing how as they grow how different there little personalities are. When they where babies ,they pretty much did the same thing. When one started walking , the other one did it the next day. When one got a tooth, the other one would get one on the opposite side the very same week. It was like a science experiment....and still is some days!

Today Aydan could not wait to get on her bike and ride in and out of the parking spaces. She was determined to do it all herself. When he got stuck of tipped over, she got a bit miffed at herself but didn't want any help. McKenna on the other hand verbalized the whole time as to why she wanted to push her bike around and not ride it. She'd get on it for 2 minutes, not go very far and then tell me why she was getting back off and parking it. She would then come sit on my lap and instruct her sister on what she needed to be doing. Aydan would just ecnore her and go around and around acting like a motor cycle rider. There brother Quaid was just like McKenna at 3 and here again is when the gene pool is so amazing. A brother and a sister who have pretty much the same personality traits while Aydan just marches to her own drummer.

I'm really clinging on to this age because I know with each day, they are only going to get bigger and bigger and these innocent times will be gone. Having children forces you to slow down and really take a look back at the "cheap thrills" in life that you forget when your rushing around trying to get through your adulthood. I've relised as of late, that I need this more and more!


T.Gray said...

My sister and I are 3 years apart, me being the oldest, although folks are always asking when we're out together. When we were kids she was the more adventurous one, getting into trouble, and not giving a s**t when she did. I was the conservative one. Today, I'm the potter, the one that goes against the grain, against the mainstream, and she's the one with the regular day job, the suv, albeit a little one, and all the "corporate friends". Mind you, there's nothing wrong with the choices she has made. The point is, your twins will change and evolve as they get older. Sometimes the lines will blur, and sometimes their characters will merge, change, and trade places. All I can say is, enjoy the ride!
Blessings-Tom Gray

Jen Mecca said...

Your right Tom ,they have gone back and forth in personilty. It is so fun seeing them grow up.