Raleigh Adventure

Happy Monday to everyone out in cyber land!

I have a few images from my weekend in Raleigh. Here is my little travel companion helping me bring packed up pots out to the truck. She had a great time visiting with her cousins, grandmother and aunt. We try to do separate things with our twins but still whenever one is away from the other, we always hear how they are missed. McKenna brought back lots of treasures for her sister from our trip, which was sweet.
Here is my tent with a few folks enjoying the day. This event was the time the CDC decided to do a studio tour. My friend Betty McKim lives in the five points area in Raleigh and she was nice enough to ask me to join her for this event. We did have a steady small stream of people through out the day and I enjoyed reconnecting with some customers who I have not seen in a long time.
Here is one the second set of compots that I have been working on. Still some bugs and design flaws that I need to work out but at least these don't tip like the last batch did!

This week I am hoping finally to get some glaze tests made. Today I unpacked and cleaned a bit. A good friend of mine came by with a painting that I had traded with her..that was a nice treat!

On the family front...I can't believe I'm saying this again but we are on yet another round of germs here. Mckenna and Quaid now have whatever there sister had last week. I fear since I'm run down it may come my way again so I'm downing lots of vitamins and organic herbs to ward it all off.


Amy said...

hope it skips you--- and them!

Jen Mecca said...

Me too! See you this evening ( with whatever germs are attached to me!)

Scott Smith said...

Looks like a fun weekend! But I'm curious, why was the Center for Disease Control inspecting pottery studios with all this swine flu business going on??