All worth it.

I went to see quietus school yesterday to see his little thanksgiving program and realized how important a mom is to a little person. He just beamed when he saw me come out to take this photo of his class. Makes you really realize how important your mom is to you and how important it is to make a little heart feel happy about themselves. He had one of the first lines in his play and I could tell he was nervous but he stared right at me and did a great job. He even mouthed the words that the other children had to say which was pretty funny. Anyways, here he is. He's the only male pilgrim.

As for work. I finished up some honey pots( which I haven't made in years) and more cream and sugars. I not doing a very good job of matching up the heights of my creamer with the sugar bowls so I'm throwing a bunch to get matches. This weekend I need to finish up my throwing for a few days with candle sticks, trays, vases and maybe some clam boxes. We'll see if I can do all that. We have a pretty low key weekend. Quaid did get picked to bring home the class bear to " take care " of this weekend so we took a long hike this morning to Kings Mountain state park. I think the bear and all the children are pretty popped so Joey and I should have a pretty quiet day. We'll see.

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