Mud Mama's

I saw my article today in Clay Times. Of course I still think I sound like a big geek writing something in to a magazine. I sure I feel this way because I really just wrote it to Lana Wilson singing her praises for writing the article. I always feel foolish when I introduce myself to a female potter that I admire. I remember one time I went up to Julia Galloway at an NCECA conference and just gushed at how much I just loved her work. I'm sure she hears that all the time. Of course I know I like it when someone tells me they like my work so I guess its not so bad. Its more funny than anything else when you look back at worshipping someone's pots. I think all potters do this which is comforting to know that we all make fools out of ourselves to our idols.

On a side note, Joey and I are freaking out about building this kiln now that I have this grant money. We had a place all picked out in the backyard when we bought the house but know that we've lived here a while we relies it floods there! GREAT. Joey is worried that a big concrete slab that will be left when we do finally move will be an eye soar and make the property value go down. Oh, this baby is really going to test our marriage I can see!


Ron said...

If you decide to sell the place you can take down the kiln and turn the shed into a "lawnmower garage".
Look forward to seeing you on Friday at Clayworks. Congradultions on the grant and on getting your letter in Claytimes.

Anonymous said...

Jen... I read your article in claytimes and loved the mud mamas too... it's right on with alot of what goes on in my life and now that I read your blogging... you've got a kindred soul in me...mother of 2 boys... studio in my house....luckily we built the house so somehow I pulled that one off... you are far better"schooled" than I am in the ceramics field but still I pursue the all mighty pot... www.jtceramics.com(needs alot of updating)...I used to design clothing and had a pretty super career going... then when I stopped, had my boys(almost 10 and 61/2) I pursued something that would be more meaningful to me and have been finding/or found my voice in ceramics... your stuff is great!...I'm going to the Demerest show(Old Church Cultural Center) opening on friday night(as a CUSTOMER) and I intead to see and meet julia galloway as well...so I plan to join you in the gushing club!!!Good luck with that grant/kiln.... ron's right about resale... build it up if you can or create some draining system and stick a shed or something on it if and when you move:)

Jen Mecca said...

THanks so much for your kind words and just love hearing from other mom's! Hope you enjoyed the show at Demerest I heard it is good one. Good luck with all your pottery experiances and your boys. WOW, i could not imagine have two boys! Jen

Anonymous said...

Jen - I haven't read the article yet. I will have to go into Arrowmont and check it out. If you build a shed over the kiln, you have an addition to the property. Like Ron said - a lawnmower shed. I will check out the article - how exciting