Thursday update

Just thought I'd drop a quick post to say what has been going on. I can't believe its Thursday already and I have no idea where the week went! I was kind of sick for a few days with one of my many sinus/throat issues but I think I'm on the mend...that kind of slowed me down. I managed to get about 30 mugs made, pasta dishes, some honey pots and some more cream and sugars made this week. The mugs kind of slowed me up because I enjoyed doing them and was watching TV at the time( I know....bad, bad , bad while your making pots). This weekend will be a big work weekend because I have to fire next week for the Thanksgiving sale at Sandy's.

As for home life. Joey and I are going to Charlotte tonight for a little date to see the guys from the show "Who's line is it anyways". I'm looking forward to a good laugh. My roommate all through college just happens to live in Charlotte and we are meeting her and husband. We use to be like twins going everywhere and now that we still live pretty close to each other, I hardly see her, so this will be fun.

I finally got out to buy my enormous turkey for next week. We'll see if it will feed 16 people. I also have to make two pies today for a thanksgiving feast at Quaid school. I'm looking forward to going there tomorrow because the kid are doing a play. Quaid was very upset that he didn't get to dress up like a turkey. He's one of the biggest kids in his class so he got stuck as a Pilgrim. I personally would of put them all in turkey suits......nothing could be more funny to see a bunch of 5 yr.olds as little birds.


Ron said...

30 mugs! Wow. Did you get handles on them all today? I wish I could come to your house for Thanksgiving, I bet Joey is going to rock it out. My family always does the same ole thing and cringe at change.
Hope the sale at Sandy's is good for the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I am finally posting- see I really do come here and visit you!

I hope you liked the little house with the bird. I thought it was fun.

I will see you at the Clayworks opening.

Happy Turkey day!

Barbara Chadwick-Bland

Jen Mecca said...

rttwogbBarbara.....I LOVED my house and I going to do a posting just about it but I have'nt taken a photo of it to put on my blog yet. Thank you so much! I'm getting ready to put up this cute little shelf in my house where all kind of little pots are going to sit. I'm going to call it" A few a my favorite things", your house will be right there!
I heard all about the piedmont thing for you. I'm sorry but I know you'll get in if you just do the 5 piece gallery show. jen