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I have the Carolina Pottery Festival this Saturday at Shelby Fair Grounds. I'm throwing like crazy because my inventory is low. I'm also throwing whatever can be thrown and trimmed fast. I feel like I'm jipping myself in some way when I do this. I"m making things like small vases, spoon holders, cups and bowls. At this show I seem to sell sort of simple items so I don't know why I'm beating myself up for feeling this way. I guess it all goes back to feeling like I should be making really cool, funky art pieces instead of just really straightforward functional things. I sometimes feel like if I where working in stoneware and firing a cone 10 kiln, this would all be justified. I guess since I'm doing porcelain in a electric kiln I guess I feel like I have to prove myself more. These are just my random thoughts. Maybe I needed to title this entry MIND STRUGGLES once again. I have a lot of these!

Onto a good thought, I got 2 cups into The Ultimate Cup ShowV at Charlie Cummings Gallery in Fort Wayne Indiana. I think the show is in December.......So that is pretty cool! I also have an opening with my Circle of Eight buddies at the gallery in Davidson NC called The Wood and Stone this Friday night. So, like I've said in previous posts, I'm super busy this month! ( And whenever I say this to someone they always say, "well, that's good....right"? I guess we'll see if can successfully make it through without stressing out the rest of the people who I live, love and breath with. Wish me luck.

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Ron said...

Hey Jen,
Congrats on getting in the cup show, that's awesome.
Cone 10 is over rated. I am thinking about moving down to cone 1, I think it would be cool to say, "I fire to cone 1" No one says that.
You are right, I am lucky to live out here in the country. You guys should move to Shelby, we need you here. We could build a big wood kiln and fire it to cone 1.
I have no idea what I am taking to Wooden Stone, I guess I better go get it together.
Good luck getting ready for this weekend.