Staying awake this week

I think I over did it last week because I'm having a hard time keeping my eyelids from closing a lot during the day. Since last Friday my head has been in a fog for some reason. The last two days I'm ashamed to say I've gotten up with the kids, feed them and put on the TV only to go back to bed. I find my children coming in and going" wake up mommy, time to get up". This is not something I am proud of. The last two days the 3 o'clock carpool home have been shear torture for me to stay alert. I finally have music back in my car but the Christmas music the kids want to hear just puts me in relaxation mode so I have to rely on the windows and gum to keep alert. I have tried going to bed by 11 to try and catch up on sleep I've lost. Next week I'm done with trying to meet deadlines so hopefully on the weekends I can catch up on what I've lost sleep wise. Sometimes I wonder if its the lack of enough sleep or just the stress of it all that wears me out. Who knows, maybe its just 40 again creeping up on me!

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