Car packed, kiln loaded and I'm ready to go ( for the most part). I'll unload my kiln late tomorrow night and take the remaining pots on Saturday morning. Tomorrow I get to set up a day early in the morning. Than at 4 I'll leave for The Circle of Eight opening in Davidson. I hope I don't wear myself out to much. I'm feeling better today, like I got some energy from somewhere. Yesterday I was draggin'. I'm really looking forward to getting back to throwing on Sunday night. I'm going to focus on somemore complex things for my next upcoming shows and orders I'm putting together to some galleries. I've been toying with putting some Terra Sig on my pots for awhile and would like to try this before my last show in December. I can't say I'm really sold on my luster experiments this summer. It just doesn't feel right on my pots, although a bit of my personality does like it. I'm so fickled when it comes to sticking to one thing. I've always been all over the board with my work. Once again, I'm sure that is a bit of the ADD talking in me.

Wish me luck Saturday!

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