Gearing up for Show

One bisque kiln down one more to go and than to the glaze. Not sure I'll get all the pots in there but neither bisque was filled to the top so there is hope. Sometimes I just go ahead a fire off a half stacked kiln because it sometimes saves me time in the end. Tomorrow while my other kiln is cooling I can atleast start glazes half of the stuff and pack my glazed work. There is always a method to my madness. I am pretty tired since I'm running around and a bit anxious and stressed. This week I'm trying to stay focused on all I have to do( I speaking of EVERYTHING I do like bill paying, cleaning, child care ect. plus my pots). I've said before that when I make my life crazy it effects everyone around here and I'm trying not to do that. Today the girls and I stayed home and just enjoyed playing out in the yard, helping mommy clean and a lot of books. Its really nice on wednseday when I don't have car pooling in the afternoon; gives me time to relax and enjoy the day.

yesterday was Joey's birthday. I tried to make his day a little special by making Brunswick Stew for him and an apple pie that said Happy Birthday on it. ( I figured we didn't need any cake and he's get one this weekend at his sisters house). The kids enjoyed having a little party for Daddy. Next week when all this blows over we are going out to dinner and to a show in Charlotte. I'm all about "Hanukkah birthdays"!

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