Dinner plates

It occurred to me the other day that I've been putting to many photo's of my kids and myself on here and not enough of my pots. That is mainly because I didn't know how to upload the images and usually Joey takes the family photo's and puts them up on the computer . ( This way I have easy photo's to steal). Anyways, he did finally walk me through the steps so now I plan on using the camera a bit more to put images of what I'm working on up here. After all it IS the POTTERY BLOG right?

Anywho, here are the stack of dinner plates for that order I've been working on. Each plate has a different leaf pattern on it. I like this images because all these dinner plates make me feel like I accomplished something! (Plus the rest of the order is already packed.) I've learned a lesson from this order and that is to establish on set of dinnerware and stick to it and don't venture away from what you said you could do. I use to like to do this for people but I think it confuses the customer on what they are actually going to get.

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