Good weekend

Sunday, my day of rest................................
Shelby was a nice show for me this year. My numbers where no different than in the past but I enjoyed the building I was in and the people I met. I had so many return customers from the show that asked where I had been along with some familiar faces that always stop by to see what I'm doing. I love to see people who enjoy my work.........who wouldn't! I also was behind a very cool gal who made the nicest raku work I've seen in a long time. I'm not a big raku fan and I think that is mainly because I'm a functional( for the most part) potter. My issue with raku is probably for the most part a little bit of envy because those potter make vases, that don't hold water, only fire for a small amount of time and they charge so much for there pieces. Of course, when I'm spending lots of hours on small little cream and sugar sets that I try to charge a fair price for and can be used..........I guess I get a bit envious. So anyways, back to this gal. She was very nice and funny and also was a years past collector of my work. She too has had a hard time getting into the Piedmont Craftmen guild so we had a lot in common. From what I saw, she did great at this show!

The opening in Davidson at The Wooden Stone was also very nice. It is a huge and very nice gallery with lots of good work. There was a pretty good turn out for the show and it was nice for our little group to get one show under our belts. The funny thing about the evening was this very intelligent and extremely verbal 12 years old that sought us all out and asked us what the Circle of Eight stood for. It was a very good question but before one of us could answer he started telling us how it sounded like a pagan cult and ....well you can imagine the rest of a conversation out of the mouth of a very smart and geeky 12 year old boy. He was great! Having a little boy just makes me appreciate them all the more.

I wanted to also say Thank you to Sybil for coming up and letting me know that there is someone else who reads my blog besides Ron and a few of my other pottery friends. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I over heard Ron getting blind sided with this question. My wife and I had to apologize to Ron for leaving him hanging. Later my wife informed me that we knew that kids parents. . . You know maybe if Ron wants to get his band back together this pagan cult, circle of eight thing could be a new name. . . Ron if you can only get seven I play great triangle.

Jen Mecca said...

He was a great kid, I was wondering all night who his mom was.J