Done things!

I took some photo's of finished work I had put on the blogs weeks ago. I thought it would be good for all to see that yes they did come out and some where very successful in selling and some are just kind of sitting there , but I think make a good contribution to my overall body of work.

Last night I threw a ton of mugs...........I was just in the mood. And this morning I kind of just took it easy at home and only worked in my studio for about an hour or so. I did throw some pasta plates and experimented with a Christmas tree ornament for the sale I do in McConnalls Sc each year. It put on by my friend Sandy Singletary and for 5 year she has cleared out her whole house and invited different craftpeople to set up for a holiday sale. It really is a wonderful idea and people just eat it up. The down side is that it wears her out and I truly don't see how she's done it all these years because it just gets bigger and bigger. This year she is trying something new and moving it to the McConnalls rec center. I know it will still have a great turn out and I do the ornaments because there are so many fabulous handmade one's to choose from. Its the one time a year I can do something a little fun that I don't normally do. Drop me a email note if you'd like directions on how to get there. Its always on thanksgiving weekend.

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