Sunday update

Not to much to report that is different than the norm this weekend. I worked on pretty much packing pots, staining large bowls and salt/pepper sets. I always threw some pieces for pillar candle holders. I try something new with those, so I'll tak some photo's when they are done. I'm trying to cram a lot in this week since I have Shelby next weekend. I really need to beef up my inventory these next two weeks because I've got orders where I just need random inventory plus two more shows. November will fly by for me I know!

Good family weekend. Joey worked on painting our kitchen and running errands with the kids. I took Quaid to a birthday party at a skating rink. Thank goodness he wasn't into skating on the actual rink( just the carpet) so I didn't have to get any skates on myself. ( Though I have to say I was quit the roller skater in my day!!!) Anyways, we had fun together.

I'll try to keep up my blog this week, but it may drop off at some point!

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