Well I said I would elaborate on what I did this weekend in Seagrove. For those of you that are not familiar with that area of North Carolina, it is a place where many potters live and there are many generations of potteries. If your familiar with a potter by the name of Ben Owen, he lives there and is a third generation potter and very successful at having this lineage and making pots for a living. Anyways, I went down to see a man by the name of Dwight Holland, (also an important figure in the Seagrove area) and his kiln. It was a wonderful visit not only because I got to see the kiln and get some idea's for my own but also because Dwight has one of the biggest pottery collections around. He has everyone you basically see in the all magazines and that you have read about. When I came back to my studio and was looking at some of my posters from past NCECA shows and other large conferences, I noticed that some of the pots he owned where the actual ones from these shows . It was such a treat and since there where just three of us there we got to ask a lot of questions about all that we saw.

As for the kiln, it was for the most part what I want only I think I need to make it a big taller. It seems to only hold about 3 shelves high of work; those being the big 24" shelves. Its a little sprung arch kiln and he's got the salt holes in the top of the kiln instead of on the front or side of the kiln. We talked about how if I was planning on doing soda that I really should go back to putting the ports on the side of kiln. Its a pretty little kiln but since Joey and I keep saying we need to sell this house and find another closer to Quaid's school and over the border into NC - the size would be perfect for the time being. I hate to lock myself into something bigger and then have to tear it down in a year or so. I'm not really worried as much about building it now. The only parts of it that seem sort of a challenge to me are the arch and getting the angle iron on it. The gas company is coming out this week to tell me the cost and what would be involved in taking our gas line out into the yard. This weekend I plan on drawing up plans and in two weeks I meet with the historic board for approval.

This morning Quaid went back to school( and was not happy about it either...such a mama's boy). The girls went to school and I got a chance to finally do some things for myself like go to the gym and work in my studio. I put feet on my tall, three pod vases and threw some forms for my oval boxes. So, it was a good morning! Tonight I'll get some photo's taken of what I've gotten done.


Judi Tavill said...

love your teapots by the way... as is!
I know I am very lucky to go snowbrding.. as painful as it is for me...my husband is a fanatic and now my kids are too...my 10 yr old is the hold out skier...
regardless,, i got this call today from the 92nd st Y and now julias workshop IS HANDS ON... they told me to bring exactos/ brushes... etc...question- any suggestion on brush size/ type...?
very nervous to throw in front of julia....

Anonymous said...

I think I remember you mentioning you have a deadline for building your kiln. Is that something I dreamt up? If you are spraying soda you will want lots of port holes to spray into. We experienced this in St. Pete.. To get a nice even distribution (if that is what you are looking for.) We have started referring to the studio as the garage. Chuck noticed and said that was a bad sign. I keep thinking when it warms up I will get back out there. I have spring break in a week and a half. I hope to get some work done then. Chuck has been working on me to come at least Friday night to NCECA. I don't know. It is alot of juggleing of various obligations. Plus a five hour car drive. I am thinking no, I really wish I could do it though.

Jen Mecca said...


Come on...have a little fun and vacation. I want to see that baby!!!j

Hope you enjoyed the hand-on workshop and sorry I did'nt get back here to tell you about the brush.j