Children's books

Every Wednesday the girls and I go to the library for "Reading time" and a craft. They usually run to one section of the children's books which is all holiday stuff but this week I got them to look in some other stacks and we found some really creative books. I of course love children's books but for once I was looking more at the illustrations thinking how wonderful they would be on pots. As like everything else I think a new trend starting on people's work is drawing a lot of imagery of animals and such. All are pretty playful and I was thinking of maybe doing some of that as well. I use to play with that when I was in school but got away from it. Again today while I was at the girls doctor's office, in the bathroom there was some wonderfully fun images on the walls of snails and fairies that I just had to draw them on the back of my check book. We'll see if anything comes from these thought or if I'll just keep going with my leaf motif.

Joey is off to Greenville to drop off pots and pick up my kiln parts. Very exciting for me!!! The girls both have strep so I've been playing nurse maid. They are feeling so bad that they of course are more whiny and irritable than usually and fighting like crazy. Today I had to remind myself every second that they didn't feel good or else I was going to lose my cool. Little girls can be very nasty to each other. I hear the constant threat from each of them that " I'm not going to be your sister anymore!" or "So and So won't play with me........whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!It really is enough to make you go hide until the storm passes. Such is siblings.
Tomorrow night I am going to throw, throw , throw!!!!

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