Look at all these great cups!

I was searching my usual gallery "haunts" last night and ran across a good cup show at AKAR Design Gallery. I copied a bunch of cups that caught my eye. When you see all of them you can tell I kind of like them because they are either very embellished or altered in some way. It is a fabulous collection of cups so if you get a chance go look on the web site.
Today I also met with the City Historic board about my kiln and it was approved. My next hoop to jump through is the Zoning board. I have a friend on the Historic board who made the motion to tell the zoning board that the Historic Board thought having artists in our community and downtown was an asset to the community, so I think by next week I should be in the clear to pour my slab and get going on the kiln!

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Ron said...

Congrats on getting approved. I hope all goes well with the Zoning people. Let me know if you want to do some glaze tests or clay tests in my kiln sometime. Ron