The Kiln!!

When I worked at Cedar Creek Gallery many years ago one of my favorite potters to order work from was Ann Riggs. She was always so helpful and nice on the phone and when she delivered her work. She made very nice famine pots that where pretty popular by our customers. She lived( and still does) in Greenville NC which is where East Carolina is and I ended up going to school for pottery. I did keep up with Ann through school with invites to my crits and I would visit her on occasions at her home sales. When I graduated and was pregnant with Quaid , her and her husband moved to a new house away from the campus and she constructed a brand new kiln and studio. The sort of sad part of the story is that she never made any more pots after they moved. She got very interested in her gardens and just decided that it was time to retire from making pots.

So.... I have kept in touch with her over the years and finally last Christmas asked her if she'd ever think of selling her equipment and if so could I make payments on some stuff I knew I would use down the line. She said yes and soon after that I received my grant to build my salt kiln.

Ok,I told you that story to explain the photo's above. Here is Ann's kiln that has never been fired. When she moved the kiln she numbered all her bricks so they could take it down easily and put it back to together with no problem. I bought her burners and all her shelves plus a sweet pug mill. My dilemma now is should I just buy the whole kiln and move it here or draw up plans for my own? I want a soft brick salt kiln( which I will coat the inside )- I don't want anything to big, Ann's is 22 cubic feet. I was going to build about a 15cubic feet kiln. Let me know what you think! Isn't that door awesome!!

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