Trying to limit

I spoke a few entries down about using only black for the next set of pots I made. So far, besides one special order, I'm sticking to that claim. I'm also doing some tests with my orange stain to see if I can get it to flux out more in the firing without anything on top of it, sort of like a flashing slip in the salt kiln. I have seen this effect on other electric fired work so I know it can be done. I'm not sure if Terra Sig. gets this or adding more flux to a stain or slip so...I'm going to try some things. My thoughts behind all this is that when I get my soda/salt kiln I want to be able to use a flashing slip, like on my grad work along with part of the white clay body showing, black accents and my usual bright glazes. I thought that if I start to make a smooth transition with my electric work than my customers and galleries wouldn't be so thrown off when I start selling the work out of the new kiln. These are my thoughts, now we know I can change my mind quicker than anythings so we'll see.

My class wanted to work on some boxes this session so I've been throwing some simple one's just to get in the swing of things with them. I love clay boxes. Once again like tea bowls I think really only other potter appreciate what goes into a clay box. In the photo above I've only used the resist technique and my black stain on these. I also have some square one's that I'm keeping under plastic until I get my tests out of the orange. I'd like to have some of these new "orange pots" for our circle of eight spring show. We'll see if I have enough time to pull that off.

This week the girls are on spring break so my normal Tues - Thursday morning work time will be gone. Today I took the kids roller skating and they had a blast. Next weekend I have to start wrapping up all my throwing for the show. Last night I threw some olive dishes, small squared off trivets and more large cake platters. I still need teapots, pitchers and trays for my salt/pepper sets. We'll see if I can pull all that off this week. Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

good luck...actually- I bought a few of julia's pieces at the Old church culural center show- in demerest,nj back in december...that's when i got super inspired to take her workshop... i'm still in the throws of the thoughts she conjured up in me... meanwhile- I'm off to baltimore md this weekend to take nick joerling's workshop at baltimore clayworks... i'm from there originally so i have a place to stay-my mom's and my husband and my 2 boys will go down too- i just won't see much of anybody,,,,I'm interested in altering techniques- his...what do you think? jar- din yey is how you say it... and too lip ee air eewould be the other one... check out karen or kari radasch she calls it a jardiniere block... the tuliplere one is in antiques etc..it's always nice(for me) to hear about how you become flexible with your days due to the kids schedule.... i can totally relate....

Jen Mecca said...

Nick is sapose to be great in a workshop. I've always loved his work. Funny that he is right up the road and I've never done a workshop with him.
Thanks for helping me out with the names, I'll have to mill some of those over.
So what else did Julia say to you that your still thinking on? jen