The weekends around the corner!

I love Thursday nights because I know tomorrow is Friday. Its been a good week but I'm ready for everyone to be back in school. The girls had spring break this week and not having that extra time in my studio has made me a bit jittery with thinking about all I need to get done. I have a on going list in my head of what items I need to throw but when I get in my studio to make stuff I get side tracked on other things I didn't have any intention of making. This evening I was going to make "fish dishes" and instead I made this just huge leaf looking container. Its cool and all but not what I needed to focus on. I did manage to throw a bunch of pitchers last night and trim some cake plates. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get myself back on track.

I have the Circle of Eight show coming up next weekend but after that I've been invited to be in a show called 10 to Watch . This show is in Greenville NC at a gallery that I've shown at on and off since grad school. Its a very nice gallery run by two women with great taste. They sell a lot of really nice painting and blown glass. They called me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to be one of the spotlighted people in the show since I hadn't had work there in awhile; of course I said yes. I really wish I could be there for the opening but I have another show that weekend here in Charlotte. Anyways, its a gallery called City Art Gallery and the show opens the first weekend in May. ( I also just learned how to link what I talk about so you can actually click on there name and for once on my blog you can check something out!!!! ) ( My tec guy was just teasing me about how obsolete my computer skills are...what can I say.) I finally got on there website to see what was listed on there and they had some really old work of mine. Wow, what an opener for me! ( I think I need to call them and get some of that stuff back for I can have a little smashing session.......) At least, I have moved on and hopefully in the right direction.

Today I got back to teaching. I really enjoy my group at Clayworks ( I just did it again!!!) Anyways, it was good to get back into the swing of teaching and getting out of the house and away from motherhood for awhile. The girls have been really good this week. We have gone to the library, made paper frogs, blown bubbles, read lots of books and played with friends. I don't even think they realised there was no school this week. I can not believe they are going to be 4 in June. Every time they grow a little more I want to keep them at the last age they where just at. I guess every mothers feels this way about her last child ( in my case last children).

Well, off to bed.


Ron said...

Jen , I am going to give you a hard time for spelling PICTURES like that.

Glad you got the link thing figured out. I think some of us are going up to Rock Creek on Sunday. Let me know if we can get you anything.

How do those pictures pour?

See ya!

Jen Mecca said...

Ok, Ok Phil, so I am a horrible spelling. I will be writing about that next.

What you really should be giving me a hard time about are those old pots on that web site. Wow, I did'nt know those things where still around. How am I going to get those things off that website!

Jen Mecca said...

Oh good grief, I did it again...I meant Speller not spelling!

I need to go check my map...