If you got to have a cupcake everyday, life would be good!

In Mom-land today I had one of two Easter eggs hunts I have to attend for my children. Today's was for my son and was hosted by a lady who pretty much lives in a mansion. All the kids where dressed to the hilt, the food was great and the whole evant seemed like something out of Southern living. This lady even owns her own snow cone machine( not the cheap plastic kind you buy at Target) but a huge snow cone machine for her kids. Does that say wealth or what to a 6 year old. Quaid brains where exploding by the time we left the party. And the cupcakes...wow. All the other mom's where either being really good and acting like they didn't want any dessert or they where partaking in an adult dessert of strawberries and angle food cake. I took one look at the cupcakes and thought wow, I want the bright yellow one that looks like it has a mound of frosting on it. ( Of course I refrained and watched Quaid devourer a orange one with a ton of sprinkles. I could tell he enjoyed every bit of it!)
Tonight I had to make a dozen cupcakes for the girls party tomorrow. I had so much fun making them into little bunny rabbits and of course I could not help but nibble here and there.....(ahhhhhh cupcakes, they just talk to you.) I know when the girls see them they will light up like little Christmas trees. Doesn't everyone need a cupcake a day to make life just a little better?

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Ron said...

Girl you should have ate that yellow cupcake like there was no tomorrow!