Flower Blocks

I've been back working on my flower block design. This one is number #3! I do still like the other one's I did but both had issues to still be worked out and I guess at the moment I was eager to get more made and not sure how to work out the kinks in the others at the moment. Plus I'm trying to have a little more continuity to my work, if that is possible. I thought this shape went with my boxes a bit better. Who knows, I'm sure I'll change that thought next week.

I really started being fascinated with flower blocks about two years ago at the Utilitarian conference at Arrowmount. They had all the invited artists to get up and talk about there most favorite pot that they owned. I loved this! Suzi Lindsey held up this elaborate flower block made by....(well, the name escapes me know but I'll look her up). Anyways, this seemed so cool to me that I started looking at some in books. They of course where very popular at the turn of the century when flower and decorating was really in vogue. I saw alot of flower blocks at NCECA so I guess they are now the popular thing. I was remembering back in grad school how spice jar set where really in. I haven't seen a one in years now. After that it was condiment containers and cruet sets. Funny how everything has its in and out cycle. If you have any thoughts about these please feel free to let me know. I love any kind of feedback.

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Ron said...

I noticed that there were lots of solid blocks of clay that were woodfired at NCECA. I think that is the new trend. I am going to plan on making some for the annual county art competition that is coming up in June. Solid wedges, arches, blocks, some with punch outs, tears, big chunky heavy soda fired clay things. I may do some alien drawings on a few.
Keep your eye out for these to be on the cover of CM in the months ahead.
I may even punch some holes in the tops of them and put flowers in there. I need to go do this RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the inspiration.