I thought it would be a good idea to show where I plan to put this kiln I'm building. Here is my packing shed that I also share with the lawn mower and some very active mice! On the other side to the right is my glaze shed and where my electric kiln lives. I choose this spot because no one can see the kiln from the road and thought that when we think about building a kiln shelter perhaps it can hook onto the roof of this shed in some way. We plan on pouring a concrete slab and when we finally decide to move , perhaps whoever comes looks at the house will like the pad in front of the barn for parking there lawnmower. ( Just a thought! How else does one sell a concrete slab out in the middle of nowhere.) All the woods behind this area are in the process of getting cleared out by the new owner next door and he already knows about the kiln. In fact he's a contractor so he's going to help us with the slab. So, the trees will not be a issue either. Today the girls and I went to the gym and just got back indoors from doing all sorts of things around the yard. I was digging up a lot of my plants that I have to much of for the Plant exchange that I'm going to this weekend. I really love my gardens and can't wait to get some new plants free! Tonight I have my beginning class at Clayworks. They all did a great job at the first class. Everyone seemed to center well and where started to pull up! Tomorrow morning I'll be back in the studio...yeah.

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