Spring Sale for the "Circle of Eight"

Yesterday was a wonderful day for an outside sale and I think once again we had a pretty good response. I'm not sure if we had as much traffic as our fall sale but everyone who came did buy something from one of us and some people even got work from each of us which was really great. Its so nice spending a day with all my pottery buddies while also being able to "earn my keep" as my mother would say. It was also Sandy's 38th birthday so I had a great excuse to make cupcakes and put a smile on everyone faces!

I did about as well as last time but this go around I raised my prices and sold some bigger things which was very encouraging to me. Actually the first piece I sold was one of my flower blocks( I'll have to go down and look at all those fancy names again the Judi sent me).Anyways...selling thoses was very exciting!

I also really enjoyed having a quest potter show with us. It always nice to have some new to talk to and in that kind of setting I feel more comfortable getting to know someone. Her work was very nice and colorful so I loved it. I really wanted to buy a piece from her but couldn't splurge because I have school tuition coming up for the kids and need to be a bit tight with my purse strings. Anyways, I hope we can all agree to do this again because I think it just emphasises the community of potters and how we all need to support each other in this field.

Here are some photo's from the sale. I didn't do a great job of taking pictures because I guess I was just so excited to sell, sell, sell. Next time I'll be a bit better at this. Here is Ron and Greg out side of Ron's booth. Julie and Kelly ( our guest is next) fallowed by the shot of Adrienne and Greg's booth.


Ron said...

What was I doing in that photo????

Jen Mecca said...

Being a big dork! That what karma does to yah when you take photo's of my booth for your blog.

( I'm just kidding!!!)
I've got to get better photo's at the Barn Sale.j

Jen Mecca said...

Speaking of being a Dork, why can I never correct my messages on here that I screw up?
That was DON"T take photo's of my booth......