Productive time

I just wanted to stop in with a quick hello. Joey just left with the girls for the afternoon and Quaid is at my parents so I've got to "make use of this time", as my husband likes to say. So,I'm getting ready to dash outside. I might have to put my heater on today because it is so cold here for Easter weekend.

The Circle or Eight got to together last night for a meeting. We're getting ready for our up coming Spring sale the weekend of April 21st. We are really now the Circle of seven because Dale Duncan decide to go back on his own and do his own thing which we all understood. So now we are minus one and just waiting for the right person to come along. I'm not to worried about filling the spot because I know that everything in life usually comes together in some way or another. Its seems whenever Joey and I are fretting about money, some pops up from somewhere ( well, most of the time.) When something kind of bad happens I think it is always countered balanced by something good. You many not be able to see it at the time, but I think it does.
Ok.....time to get out of my thoughts and into my studio!

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