PITCHERS ( that for you Ron) and Plants

Today was a great day; it felt just like fall. Hasn't the weather everywhere been really odd this spring? At the moment we are getting a huge thunderstorm so I'm all ready to hop into bed and listen to it lull me to sleep. Two things I can always count on right before a show is rain, so my pots that I need to have dry quickly don't and Joey usually has to go out of town so there is one night of very important studio time that I have to give up because he is not here to get the kids cleaned up and in bed. I am happy to report that at the moment I'm feeling on schedule with my work so these little interuption hopefully won't put my in a freezy next week. ( well loseing studio time may make me a little antsy.)

Today I spent most of my time outdoors with the kids and doing yard work. I love to work in my flower gardens and also cut the grass. In the spring an summer I have to admit I have a little addiction to buying plants. I love to see what will pop up in my garden that I planted a year ago. Here is a photo of an Iris that I have been waiting 3 years to finally bloom. I was already to move them this year because I just thought they didn't like this spot but today I found this bloom. Very exciting!

In the studio I got a bisque going with some tests and I threw a lot of soup bowls to fill space around a bunch of larger bowls in the kiln. I usually try to make a variety of stuff so I can use all the space in my kiln but the other lazy thing about loading and firing an electric kiln is that you don't really have to fret so much about an even firing. This will all change with the salt because its important to have various sizes so your shelves are well balanced and the flame can travel in a good path around the kiln.

Also here is a photo of a group of pitchers I made. The shape in different for me and also the handle. I tried to thin them out a bit because I thought my old handles where a bit to chunky for my form. We'll see if the public likes them next weekend. Look at all that great surface to play with!


Unknown said...

jen- you are doing great... I don't have dyslexia or ADD and I constantly interupt to get my thought out... but I TRY to hold back- just drove back 3 hours in the terrential(SP?)...ok- POURING rain from baltimore clayworks- workshop with nick joerling....
great workshop- some hands on... very cool for me to try and incorporate some new ideas in my own way.... he's so mellow... speaks slow and really funny... i WISH i could speak that slow...really great... very interesting...meanwhile- cehck ou this article in the paper today about my good friend....pam- she's amazing-tell me what you think:

Jen Mecca said...

Glad you had a good workshop with Nick. So are you going to start going crazy with altering stuff?

That was a great story about your friend. She sounds like a great mom and strong women. I've done Yoga a bit but still have not found an instructor I can really get into, plus in a small town, yoga classes are few and far between. (I use to do pilates alot which I really miss.) Thanks for sharing.j