Good Sunday

Today was yet another strange weather day. ( I just heard that the mountain may get snow!) It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm ( not hot) and breezy. I got to sleep in this morning and then we tackled the house that seems to get trashed in no time flat by the five of us. (Our house is only 1900 sq. feet so it is easily trashed.) Than it was studio time for me but first Quaid and I decided to take a little run together around the block. Let me assure you that jogging with a six year old can or can not give you some exercise. Most of the time he wants to race me but today he was to busy finding bugs so our jog/walk was interrupted a lot.

Finally we did make it back home and I quickly got out back to glaze. By late afternoon I finally finished just in time to watch the kids plant a little garden with there dad out back. Back to the weather.....the wind started to pick up and the temp. dropped really quickly. It reminded me of this great movie I saw years ago called "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Its based on a Ray Bradberry book for children and I think it is one of my favorite movies. Anyways, this evening after super I was able to go out and throw trays for my salt and pepper sets and some other odds and ends. I still would like to make some teapots before the show but I am running out of drying time and it does look like damp weather is still ahead for some of the week. Very productive day for me and that makes me feel good!

Here is a photo of Quaid and Aydan planting getting there little garden started with there dad. Don't ask me how the fiery costume got involved with planting a garden but I do think in Aydan mind the two where connected.

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