Taking Care of my Domestic Goddess duties

I still have not gotten back into my studio since the show Saturday. There are boxes everywhere, dirt and clay on the floor, recycled clay drying and pots that need to get made. Its amazing how after a show I"m always playing catch up with the house, yard and kids. Really the break from stress and pressure is pretty nice. If I could get a graph on here to show my stress level from after a show to the next one, it would most of the time be a straight up mountain. This time was'nt to bad but with all the glaze dripping I had, that was a bit disappointing. I was able to put it in the back of my head and just go on and than after having good sales at the show it has all been forgotten and those pots have made it into my shard pile.
It pretty much took me until Monday morning to get caught up on sleep and then last night Joey was out of town and I had to teach so we all spent the night at my parents. For some reason both the girls had nightmares the whole night and I was up and down with them at least 6 times and ended sleeping on the floor because they took over my bed. This morning is usually my studio time since everyone is in school and once again, I had to play catch-up on the sleep I lost last night. One of my girls ( McKenna) just crawled into her bed after school and has not woken up yet so that tells you what kind of night it was. Aydan and I got to spend some one and one time together and made a fudge pie for my book club meeting this evening. I have to admit this is some pie we made. We cut out little hearts for forming the whole top of the crust! ( Martha has nothing on us!) My book club is made up of a group of mothers that I've gotten to know since we have been in York. It took awhile for them to understand sort of what I do and how committed I am to it. They are very supportive of me and have bugged me for years to be in there book club so I finally joined and have actually made time to read some of the books. The book tonight is " I Know Why Cow girls Get the Blues". Pretty good book but if you saw the movie with Uma Thurman in it, I have to admit her thumbs, which are a big part of the story, gave me the creeps.
Well, I'm off to the car pool line. Tomarrow night I will be in my studio!


Anonymous said...

Domestic, not Da Mestic

Jen Mecca said...

Ok, ok, I must of missed the spell check on that one my dear!!