Viginia Tec

Like everyone I guess I feel the need to say something about what happened at Virginia Tec. Of course like everyone I was very sad about the whole thing. I kind of feel a real bond to the state of Virgina because I went to school in Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University and I loved living there. I would give anything to go back to Virginia. I think it is a wonderful state, great place to visit,good schools and I always loved the diversity of the people. I went to school with people from many different countries and all kind of ethnic backgrounds and I really enjoyed this. When I went back to school at East Carolina it was so strange to me that the student body was either white or black. At VCU there was a mix of everyone...it was so cool! So, I feel for all who live in the state of Virginia and those who knew someone effected by what happened.

I've been thinking all week about my girl friends and I when we were in college and times that we run into people who where a bit off kilter but and just ignore them. I think if a guy came up to one of us in a bar and acted aggressive in some way, we were all the type to take him on. How foolish we were and know how dangerous that could be. You just never know how really disturbed someone is and when you are in your early 20's you feel like nothing can hurt you.

Like most Americans I think the guy who killed those students/faculty fell through the cracks and 32 people and there families payed the price for it. Hopefully we have learned something from this but like Columbine I'm sure this will not be the last mass shooting to happen in a school setting. We are so numb as a nation to disturbing things and its effecting the brains of our kids and us as adults. I wonder if anything will ever change this.

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