Thinking pots

I realised today as I was drinking my coffee and getting an anxious mental photo of what I needed to do in the studio this morning, that this firing being so close to my last show needed "more bang for the buck". In other words I really needed to think hard about what I wanted to make, sizes that fit well together in the kiln and what would sell for mother day. This is how I start every Tuesday morning....brain storming.

This morning I was able to get the girls to school and instead of walking in the front door and being bum-barded with all the mess in the house that pulls me away from work, I walked to the back door to just start working. ( This proved to be a good new plan I need to in force with myself because I can take an hour away from my work time and justify how much house work I need to do to keep my sanity.) Anyways, I realised I needed to make some bigger things because I had a lot of small fill-ins from the last show. When I think of all my big work I also take into consideration the spaces around these pots for little things. I loved my new salt and pepper sets from the last load of pots but many of the trays I made did not fit the shakers so I have trays that need bodies and bodies that need bigger trays.This will be a good filler. I've also been wanting to make small lidded milk pitchers so they are also on the list.

Today I threw some big two part vases. I haven't done these in a long time but showed my class how to did one a few sessions ago and I liked the way the pots came out so I thought I'd make some. Since they are so tall I'm also going to make some tall candle sticks to fill in the holes. The last new piece I want to try is a darted serving dish. If you've read this months Ceramic Monthly , Gay Smith is featured and she has these wonderful darted bowls in there that I think are new for her. She inspired me to try a new forms so we'll see how it goes.

In "Life" today, I had to go to the dentist..(something I hate more than anything) because I had some cracks in my back teeth that needed to be looked at. She managed to save one of them and put a new filling in but the other will need a $900 crown. Thank goodness we do have insurance that will cover a good bit of that. Boy the cost of teeth care has really shot up! I haven't had a filling in so long ( and the last was a bad experience) that I got some laughing gas to take the edge off. I swear she left me in the room alone with that mask on for 1/2 hour to make sure my whole face was pretty numb. Finally she did come back and worked on my teeth but I the sound of the drill still freaked me out. All I can think about is the act of my tooth being chips away. As I was sitting there thinking about all this I came to the conclusion that when you are a pretty visual person, situations like this just do us in because our imagination runs wild.


Ron said...

I hope you and Adrienne and Greg and I are near each other again at the Barn Sale. I am firing next week and will have some new pots too. I hope they are good sellers. I have decided to be more pro active in talking about my work to customers. Greg is so good at that and he sells pots. I don't think it's pushy if you are sincere and excited about what you are making, which I think we all are. Any how I am looking forward to it. I hope your firing goes well....no stuck lids.

Unknown said...

jen, i have to tell you... you are sooo smart to use the door to your studio when you"re-enter"... it's the same thing every day for me and the whole time i straightened up and made the beds and put junk away i was thinking of how true it is... i'm in glaze making mode... i really just want to throw....but i have a few things comming up... also i am linking your site to mine...my friend mike will do it...eventuallyif you think you an fill the big kiln or bring in others who can... perhaps you should go for it...seem like the best situation... dunno price but...will i get to do my work today? I have an 11 o'clock appt....argh!

Jen Mecca said...

I think we are all together which is good because Joey can't come this time around. ( I'm trying to get Sandy to come with me. )

So, when you learn how to talk up your pots, let me know how it is done! Maybe we all need a magic hat for the sale. Greg has his Elf hat, I have my sassy cowboys hat and we can put you in a ......hunting hat with the ear flaps. Ha

Jen Mecca said...

Good luck with the glaze making today...I dread days I have to do that!