May 28th

Pretty low key birthday but after New York, what could compare. I did get a balloon cake that the girls picked out and Joey as always made a nice meal. I had to teach last night but only one student showed up so it was pretty easy and I went home early. I got to work almost a 1/2 day in the studio and started making these tiles that I have been wanting to explore. Tonight I'm going to put them together and start drawing on them. I got the inspiration from a potter I saw in New York by the name of
Stepanka Horalkova, she has a website that I tried to get on today but seems a bit slow. (If you have high speed maybe you'll have a better chance at checking her stuff out!) From what I could tell by her website the images where a bit different than the stuff I saw in New York but I really liked her stuff. It was very clean, nice images and made out of porcelain some thrown and some altered. I wish now I had purchased one of her cups!
I'll get some images up of the tiles when there done.

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