No where to hide

So I go out into my studio at 5:30, Joey tries to keep everyone semi entertained for awhile but about 6:30 ( like clockwork ) and little body is out wanting to "help me". I have tried many times to work with the kids in my studio but for anyone who has tried to do this, it really only makes things complicated because for every 5 minutes you can work there is another 5 minutes of interruptions weathers your answering all sorts of questions or picking things up and helping with there projects. When I'm in " stress..got to get this done mode" I kind of freak out when the door opens and a voice says " Hi Mommy!". So , yesterday here I am trying to keep my cool decorating a huge vase, enjoying my music and having my soon to be 4 year old Mckenna right there with me. ( Notice her bear who has joined us also in the back). Joey got a kick out of this because he knew what I was thinking and took a photo of it.Today I think I'm going to give them some clay in the kitchen in sit in there with them and make a bunch of sprigs for the things I threw last night to save time tomorrow. I need to also stain 3 more pots today at sometime and get a bisque going. After car pool at 3, its off to my beginning class.

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