Weekend review

Most exciting thing!

Quaid learned to ride his bike this weekend we all where cheering him on the entire weekend.

Clayworks Sale.

Friday nights opening was a bit slow and I can't say my pots where flying out the door. I still have not figured out the buying crowd there. I did see a lot of students and they do buy a good amount work. In fact, I think all the stuff I sold was to my students that night. I think I have figured out that since I don't have my mailing list hooked up to the studio's mailing list, my customers are most likely...not there. This could be the problem with low sales!!!!!!! I have to admit I enjoy hanging out and seeing everyone and the food is always great.

Studio work.

I did get a good amount of time in the studio this weekend. I trimmed big bowls, started on some boxes and threw some big fish dishes,which are big oval, bakers. Tomorrow in the morning my mothers helper is coming to play with the girls so I can get more work time in since we will be out of town next weekend and I can't afford to lose work time with a big show around the corner. I'm thinking even more about really utilizing my stacking space in the kiln and looking at what I have on my shelves that need "partners". An example of this is cream and sugars with no trays or a salt shaker that its twin did not come out. In other words make the most of what I have grow. I'm even useing a ruler to match the height of my big thing to heights of whatever I make small to fit in the spaces around in.

My husband was great this weekend a built a wonderful addition to my table space in my kiln shed so I can hook my new pug mill up this week. What a treat that will be! I need to get in there this week and clean, re-arrange while mixing up some glazes before the next kiln load. My elements are really slowing down and I hope I can get these last fireing in for the Larkspur show before they totally go out on me. I hate changing elements more than anything!
On the kiln front.
Well....that is still in limbo. My super kiln friend Ron is still helping me decide on what kind of kiln I need. I did finally get a quote on getting a propane tank set up and that was more than I thought it would be so like I figured, this adventure will be costly even with the grant money and that is something that I don't like to think about when we struggle to keep things a float. I'll keep you updated on that evant!

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