Here are the tall vases I made yesterday. Those handles that I pull off of them have a tendency to split so keep you fingers crossed. I never had this issues years ago when I used that same clay body but for some reason in the last 2 years my small pulled handles off of vases and casseroles just love to crack. So I'm really watching these like a hawk this week. I think as far as form goes, the one in the middle works best. I like this form because it has some attitude to it. The handles look like arms and hands of a mother who is about to say, "what are you doing??"
This evening I threw the bakers I wanted to try and I played with some darting in them for awhile but I'm not sure if I totally resolved what I was looking for. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I also threw some small milk/syrup pitchers. I love breakfast when I can really sit down and relax with my cup of coffee, my meal for the morning and the paper. This of course only happens on the weekends if that. So I thought a cute little pitcher for milk or syrup would be nice. I'll get a photo of the finished ones up when they are done.

On the mom front, today I took care of another soon to be 4 year old girl for a friend of mine. The three girls had fun together dressing up and going on a "bear hunts" together. ( I guess I was suppose to be the bear but that is kind of hard to do when your up to your eyeballs in laundry.) We went to the library and they played in the kiddy pool while I mowed the lawn. Mowing the grass is another high up on my list of things I love almost as much as breakfast. I love the smell of it, its great exercise and I just like to see all the grass shooting out of the side of the mower. We had a good bit of lawn and Joey always wants to get a riding lawn mower but thank goodness we never have the extra cash to spend on something like that because it would be one thing I would really miss.
Off to class tomorrow morning!

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