My favorite piece in the Moma was this one by Dan Perjovschi. It was a huge wall of drawings; just sketches that made a statement about what the world has become in the last few years. Some of the sketches where very simple but Witty and to the point. Here is what was said about his work -

Dan Perjovschi (Romanian, b. 1961), who lives and works in Bucharest, has transformed the medium of drawing, using it to create an object, a performance, and an installation. In the last decade, Perjovschi has made his drawings spontaneously in museum spaces, allowing global and local affairs to inform the final result. For his first solo museum exhibition in the United States, the artist will draw witty and incisive political images, in response to current events, on one wall of The Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron Atrium. Two weeks before the official opening, beginning April 19, Perjovschi will draw on the wall during public hours, allowing visitors to observe the creation of the work. The project is accompanied by a pamphlet created by the artist.

I was able to see some of my favorite painters like Kandinsky, Motherwell, Kline and Jasper John. I have to admit I've taken a lot of art history classes and really enjoyed most but modern art has always needed more of an explanation for me. I never enjoyed teachers who just made you learn the movement and dates behind a significant piece of art. I had a few really wonderful instructors that actually told the stories behind why the artist did what he did. In Moma they have a wonderful audio system in which they choose various works for the curators to talk about. This was great. Someone like Duchamp really does need some type of explanation or the pieces by Malevich ( which is basically just a white cube painted on a white background). I of course am always drawn to the color and multi shape and surface pieces. It all about what you like. I"m sure people who are into simplicity really enjoy the more rigid,almost very sophisticated work. I read a blog entry by a potter the other day who really had a strong opion about color on pots. He said that most people use color to hide really bad forms. I have to disagree with this because I've seen some really bad wood fired pots with no glaze on them. People can be a novist and just want to make blue pots or they can be a novist and make just brown pots. Its what they like to do. I've seen a lot of this in teaching and in schooll I think it doesn't really have to do with trying to hide anything but rather the vision of what the potters is drawn to and there personality. You really can tell a lot about a person by just looking at there work.

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