New York, New York

Here is the play bill for Talk Radio, the play we saw starring Liev Schreiber!
New York, New York!!!
New York, New York!!

Here I am in front of a sculpture I have known almost all my life because growing up in New York State in the 70's, the symbol was everywhere to promote tourism. I really regret I didn't get one of those I LOVE NY t-shirts that are on every corner because, of course I always need t-shirts and two, I do love NY.

New York, New York!!!
This is one of those huge TV screens in Time Square where they had all these cool M&M images!

We're back! It was a good trip and we can not wait to go again. I hadn't been to NY in almost 15 years and I felt like I was new to it all. The walking, all the places, the crowds, looking up at all the buildings, wanting to see it all!!We had our moments of getting turned around, not finding the right place to eat and deciding what we were going to go see in the frenzy of the 1/2 price ticket line. We decided we would never make it on that reality show "The Amazing Race" because we could never decide on who would be in charge. It was great to get away, see great sights and have no where really to be. We needed that.
Quick over view of the highlight and later I'll talk more about each -

* We saw the play " Talk Radio", which was very good but a little heavy. The lead was great!

* We had a great time in the Museum of Modern Art. Museums are always fantastic in my book!

* We went to a craft show in front of Lincoln Center that had some pretty good stuff in it. I even found a potter from Sparta NC and another girl who I really liked her stuff ( she was from the city)

*And finally, I learned a lot of foot wear and what kind of shoes to travel with and what kind not to. I was quietly obsessed with what kind of shoes all the women where wearing and how Podiatrists must make a mint in NY.


Anonymous said...

wow- how does it feel- i'm hoping better than almost 39.....I have a back problem now and feel 100... I hope you had fun in the city- it seemed like it was fun... where did you eat....????did the kids miss you like crazy... and now they are back to normal right?....more info....

Jen Mecca said...

We went to Buddakan and it was wonderful!!
Joey wrote some about our trip on his blog which is..........


The kids did fine with my parents and I think we may be able to do this a bit more now that the girls are older.

Turning 40 is a bummer. I think at this point I'll starting lying about my age. ( all a state of mind..right???) If you throw sitting down change to standing up, it will help your back alot. I discovered this way back in my 20's.

Anonymous said...

I need pictures of you throwing standing up... do you mean raise my wheel way up? I don't really know how to secure it... also- I do believe sitting at the computer wrong may be the problem... especially when i am tired and slumped over...I've never been to Buddakahn... have to go there next- we are going to Rosa Mexicana on fri which is supposed to be super... but after my son sam's week of cake, icecream cake...mem day weekend stuff... I feel like a stuffed pig...argh...I pull outy of it- gonna go check out joey's bog now.... that's great if you can get away once in a while- you worry about the kids but I think it's a really healthy thing to do...judi