Thurseday news

Today was a good day. I had class and we had a great time while I did a demo on these boxes. One of my students told me today that the proper name for these is "Parisian boxes". It took a while for me to put them together but we had so much fun laughing about various things while I worked, the time went fast. They are a funny crowd and I will miss them in the fall when its time for me to move onto another class. Sometimes you get really attached to students but you realize you have taught them all you can and they need to learn from someone else. I wish sometimes it was mandatory that the students there have to take from all the instructors at clayworks so they get a taste of everyone. I know there are some students there that have never taken my class I'm sure because they don't care for my work and visa versa with some of my students that won't go to other classes. Anyways, class was good.

Tomorrow we leave on our trip. Joey is very nervous about flying these days even though I don't seem to recall a major US plane going down any time lately( besides 911). I do not like to fly either but for the fact I get really bad motion sickness and then I just feel sick for days after. Of course I'm sure they have some sort of pill for that but I really don't like taking a whole lot of medicine so I just rather whine. ( Lucky Joey!)
I spent some time blowing bubbles with the girls today/playing outdoors and gardening a bit. That kind of ended abruptly because I stepped on a rack which in turn knocked me in the head. It was a regular Tom and Jerry cartoon. The kids where trying to doctor me the rest of the afternoon while I layed in bed with an ice pack on my head. So...I'll be going on my trip with a big goose egg on my forehead!


Ron said...

Actually it's Persian boxes. Michael Simon's boxes were inspired by Iranian ceramics. (According to Michael). Not French.
Just want to clear that up. Be sure to tell your class.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I'll let my class in on that!