Yesterday morning I glazed and loaded the kiln. I peeked in today and those three big vases look great. I'll try to get a photo of them up in the next day or so. I was kind of in a fog all day yesterday so I am thankful for today. I've said before...I love Wednesday at my home.
Of course I taught Monday night and than got home at 10:30 and worked a bit more in my studio. On Tuesday morning I had to do the car-pool thing, up and back to Gastonia - an hour out of the day than get the girls to school, glaze like a mad women before they get out at 12:00, get them home , feed them and spen ometime with them reading and such then clean up the bomb that went off in the house the night before. Usually Joey gets home at 5:30 and we have dinner but yesterday I had to get all the kids dressed up and ready for a coral concert at Quaids school. So..everyone gets baths, cloths get pulled out and pressed (even my husbands) I throw some dinner together and listen to the "Yucks and I don't like this" for 20 minutes while I try to get dressed. We finally race out the door at 5:30 for the concert. I did manage to see Quiad sing, which was great but as always there is always one little girl who does not want to sit still so I spent the majority of the time out in the lobby entertaining McKenna. By 8, of course all the kids where worn out and pretty much whined the whole way home. ( Mental note, put in school suggestion box do concerts for lower school children on a Saturday in the afternoon!) We got home at 8:30, got everyone settled down and I was back out working at 9 until 11:30 finishing up stuff for my next kiln load. Today the girls and I are taking it easy. We went to the park with a friend of mine and her child and did some grocery shopping. I'm looking forward to seeing Joey at 5:30 for some dinner and then I'll be unloading and loading a bisque for tonight. Tomorrow is my last glaze kiln for the show on Saturday.
Boy.....that was some update!


Anonymous said...

That bomb you mention. I know the one it goes off in my house on Tuesday and Thursday nights when I go out to my studio to teach classes and leave my husband with our three boys.
Just popped in for lunch but if I am quick I can get another couple of hours of work done before they all get home from school.
Margaret Surrey England

Jen Mecca said...

Its so nice to hear that someone else has to deal with a bomb also. I can only imagine what 3 boys could do to a house in a few hours. Good luck with that! Jen