Prep. for the Clay Matters guild show

The last kiln is loaded and I plan on unloading it tomorrow night. I think that I have finally worked out a good cycle for getting thing accomplished before a show. I mark days on my calendar of what needs to get done and I try not to over do it , as I have in the past. I use to just try to throw as much as I could and then I would rush my pots, loss of bunch and be worn out. I know how to tell myself to stop these days and I still manage to have inventory to fill my booth. Thursday I always have my one of my "mother's helpers" come and this allows me to start packing and start glazing early if I need to do that. So tomorrow I can pack the rest while the girls play and load the truck in the evening. The weather man is calling for on and off showers but I'm hoping that will hit in the evening so we can all have a successful show. I enjoy this show because I get to do it with my friends and its in this huge old barn that a very prominent family in Charlotte still own and refuse to have a developer take it down. There was the huge Raccoon sleeping in the rafters during the show one year and all of us below didn't even seem to faze him.
On the mom front I went to see Quaids kindergarten class put on a play this morning and then they fed us brunch. Quaid got to have a little part in the play, not much but of course I was beaming. Nothing is better than being proud of your kid and seeing there little faces light up when they see you. Seeing your kid dressed up with some funny paper animal hat, singing a silly song makes up for all the trials and tribulation the comes with parenthood.

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