Kids books

A few entries back I had spoken about how much I love the illustrations in kids book. The other day while I was waiting in the car-pool line I grabbed a magic marker and started to just quickly draw some of the images I remembered out of one of the girls books. I thought these where really quick and fun and I have no idea whether I'll use them in any way but I just felt like putting them up in my studio to spark some idea's. I've been doing a lot of incising lately on my pots with an exzacto blade and I really enjoy doing the drawing. Its something a bit different than my brush work and I can see it branching out in more things other than leaf images. Years ago in school when I was playing around with low fire work especially Majolica, I did these dishes that had what I called "chicken fish" on them. They where pretty wacky fish with legs, tongues and eyes that looked like they where on ...well crazy I guess. People really liked them and I enjoyed doing them but my professors kind of frowned upon them in a crit so I stopped doing them. ( That is a whole other topic in titled "grad school and crits!!". I could on for hours about that.) So.....we'll see if "The chicken-fish" comes back sometime soon after looking at these fish everyday while I throw. The girls keep asking me why I have these drawing hanging up and if they can color them!

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