When I was doing the workshop with Julia Galloway, she had a great set of historical slides that I always wish I had for teaching. She gave me a list of historical books I could get some images from and I thought I would share these with everyone. I have yet to purchase any of them so I'm not even sure how easy they are to find but maybe if you get a chance to find some before me, let me know where you found them!

*History of World Pottery by Emmanuel Cooper
*3000 years of world pottery ( no author named)
* Art speak/ Art spoke by Atkins
* Color and Fire by Lauria
* World Ceramics by Hugo Munsterberg

This evening I'll be at Clayworks for our spring show. It is always a good time because all of us that sell for the show ( instructors, resident artists and associates ) all make great food for the event and we usually have a good band. I have to admit I haven't connected as much with the customer crowd there as I have with the crowd that I usually see at all the shows I do around here, so tonight I'm going to try and make an effort to remember names and faces more. It can get pretty crazy at the register so I'm sure that is why I haven't had this connection.
Tomorrow we plan on building a table for my new pug mixer...very exciting! I'll let you know how it goes.

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